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Clinton Dynamics will make your land innovations a reality

Anthony and Tanner are dependable excavation contractors who have built the foundation of their company on the core values of public service. You can trust they will be there every step of the way, using education and experience to provide solutions in land management and general excavation.

Law Enforcement Owned and Operated

Proudly Serving Those In

Proudly Serving:

Benton County, Iowa

  • Atkins, Iowa
  • Belle Plaine, Iowa
  • Blairstown, Iowa
  • Newhall, Iowa
  • Norway, Iowa
  • Shellsburg, Iowa
  • Urbana, Iowa
  • Vinton, Iowa

Buchanan County, Iowa

  • Brandon, Iowa
  • Rowley, Iowa
  • Quasqueton, Iowa

Johnson County, Iowa

  • Shueyville, Iowa
  • Swisher, Iowa

Linn County, Iowa

  • Alburnett, Iowa
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Center Point, Iowa
  • Central City Iowa
  • Fairfax, Iowa
  • Hiawatha, Iowa
  • Marion, Iowa
  • Palo, Iowa
  • Robins, Iowa
  • Toddville, Iowa
  • Troy Mills, Iowa
  • Walford, Iowa
  • Walker, Iowa

Tama County, Iowa

  • Chelsea, Iowa
  • Dysart, Iowa
  • Elberon, Iowa

Clinton Dynamics does not limit their services to these areas. Contact them directly to discuss your location and customized project!

Consult your local excavation company in Shellsburg, Center Point or Atkins, IA

Expect Success

Once you have notified Clinton Dynamics of your goals, your site will be analyzed, and a well-organized plan of action will be established. Clear communication will be maintained throughout the entire process and an appropriate timeline of completion will be ensured. From site preparation to pond contracting, Anthony and Tanner demand perfection.